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  • Phone number: +3222845294
  • Political group:S&D - S&D
  • National party: Suomen Sosialidemokraattinen Puolue/Finlands Socialdemokratiska Parti
  • Country: FI

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On 3 April, the European Parliamant voted a text in favour of Net Neutrality, protecting a free and open Internet, but Member States gathered at the Council of Ministers have come back on the progress made. The legislation process continues in the form of negotiations to lead in an agreement between the European Parliament, European Commission and the Council of the European Union called trialogue.

In order to protect and guarantee all the advances from last year's vote, it is fundamental and urgent to act. To preserve our right to use an Internet based on principles of non-discrimination and liberty, we must contact our representatives in the European Parliament and urge them to safeguard Net Neutrality against the recommendation of governments and Telecommunication Industry lobbies.

Documents show that advances made by the European Parliament are being dismissed by the European Council. We must act now to save the Internet!

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Contact your MEPs!

The easiest and quickest way to contact your MEPs is to use the Piphone, but there are other ways, described on La Quadrature du Net's wiki. An example of conversation is available here.

If you choose the Piphone, a random Member of the “Industry” (ITRE) or of the “Consumer (IMCO) committee, from any country, will be selected unless you select a country in the form below.

Whatever happens, don't forget the basic rules of courtesy and common sense. Whether you agree or disagree with the individual answering the line, and whatever the views of other members of her/his political group, don't give a negative image of people who are advocating with the same purpose as you. Thank you <3

Three ways to call your MEP:
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  • Or, if you have an already configured Voice-over-IP application, just click the phone number link.

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